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Live Event Activation
"When you see a fork in the road, take it." - Yogi Berra
"When you see a screen, activate it." - HelloWorld
We've all attended live events: Concerts, sports, conferences, and more. But when you're the person marketing to a crowd, it's important to get the most out of your sponsorship dollars. Real Time Engagement with at-event mobile activation gives you a measurable return on investment, as well as the opportunity to keep the conversation going with the attendees... long past the date of the event.

Thursday, May 1st:
Live Events Webinar

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Need some idea starters?

Concerts: Invite fans to choose a band's set list in real time. Using their mobile device, attendees can vote from a top five list on the big screen.
In-store: Feature a product on your in-store monitors. Invite consumers to a live poll asking which celebrity wore it best.
At-stadium: As a major sponsor of the team, venue, or league, you could utilize the big screen to poll the audience with player stats, historical game facts, or even brand content.
Conferences: Use SMS capabilities for event updates, session reminders, and stage changes. You can even encourage Q&A during sessions by texting to screen.
Webinars: Poll the web audience with relevant content during your presentation and put the real-time results on the next slide.
Festivals Use innovations like mobile tug-of-war games and on-screen commenting capabilities to drive brand engagement.

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Chief Marketer
Fast Facts

AdWeek, April 6, 2014

North American-based companies will spend $1.3 billion to sponsor music venues, festivals and tours this year, up 4.4% from last year. Put those dollars to work by activating the fans in the audience via mobile!

ComputerWorld, February 3, 2014

During this year's Super Bowl, both AT&T and Verizon saw record mobile usage inside MetLife Stadium - with Verizon reporting an 800% data surge. That's a lot of social posting, sending pictures, texting, and phone calls. With the Jumbotron and that level of mobile activity, think of the at-game activation the sponsors could have done to engage the audience!

eMarketer, April 1, 2014

76% of Marketing Professionals say personalizing content in response to customer interactions qualifies as Real-Time Marketing. What better way to showcase personalized content than through real-time mobile activation at-event or in-store?

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

UNO News Net: EARTH BY BIANCA AGNELLI, CANADA: Sustainable fashion

UNO News Net: EARTH BY BIANCA AGNELLI, CANADA: Sustainable fashion


Juan Carlos's April 2014 newsletter
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New Courses

CMS.S60 Technopanics: Moral Panics about Technology
CMS.S60 Technopanics: Moral Panics about Technology

6.041SC Probabilistic Systems Analysis and Applied Probabilityimization Methods in Management Science
6.041SC Probabilistic Systems Analysis and Applied Probability

Updated Courses

6.837 Computer Graphics
6.837 Computer Graphics
2.627 Fundamentals of Photovoltaics
2.627 Fundamentals of Photovoltaics
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OCW at Pax East

OCW gamer at Pax East. (Photo by Sophal Lun. Used with permission.)
Readers of OCW’s April 4 blog know that Pax East, a major gaming event in the USA, took place on April 11 – 13 in Boston.

OCW is not immune to the lure of gaming, and several OCW staff members were among the scores of thousands who attended this convocation of avid gamers.

Known as a powerhouse in video game studies, MIT offers many courses in game design, development, and entrepreneurship. OCW has published a number of these courses. In fact, we recently assembled a list of OCW’s gaming and gaming-related courses, such as CMS.608 Game Design.

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OCW Educator

Prinsengracht, Amsterdam: The commercial capital of the 17th century. (Photo by Prof. Anne McCants.)
Have you been avoiding a task you should have finished yesterday? Feeling bad about it? Maybe you shouldn’t!

Professor Anne McCants has turned procrastination into a virtue as she prepares for her classes by avoiding class preparation. Reading is her favorite form of procrastination, and casual reading affords her ways of identifying relevant current events that she can weave into her course on medieval economic history, 21H.134J.

Professor McCants’ reflections on creative procrastination, how to teach problem solving, the intersection of research and teaching, and other topics are presented in the “Instructor Insights” section of 21H.134J’s This Course at MIT page.

This Course at MIT is a new OCW feature that provides additional information about what kinds of students take the course, what the instructor hopes students will take away from the course, how the students spend their time, and often how the instructor approaches the teaching of the course.

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Highlights for High School

Behind the Scenes at MIT
What do detecting explosives, understanding chemotherapy, and developing biofuel all have in common? They all can be studied using chemistry!

Explore these topics and more with “Behind the Scenes at MIT,” a collection of short videos that feature MIT researchers explaining how a textbook chemistry topic is essential to their research and to real-world applications.

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MITx News
7.QBWx Quantitative Biology Workshop
For several years the MIT Biology Department has run a workshop-style course that offers an introduction to the quantitative tools used in biology. Starting on June 12, students from around the world can experience an online version of this course on edX, 7.QBWx Quantitative Biology Workshop. The course will run for seven weeks.

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This peaked my interest in returning to school.  Now that I have done so, I wish to return, in a small part, my appreciation for your willingness to educated the world."

- Travis, Independent Learner, USA

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